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Dallas-based designer, Robyn Fryer-Zumwalt, Allied Member, A.S.I.D., T.A.I.D, brings creativity, practicality and sensitivity to each of her client’s projects. Impeccable style, exceptional service, attention to detail and a passion for classic design, describe just a few of her key attributes. After making a name for herself while designing for prominent clients in Boca Raton, Florida, she moved to Dallas in 1997. There she worked with a top interior design firm in Highland Park for five years and launched her own company, Spencer Wilson & Associates in 2002. Robyn has worked all over the country including Dallas, California, Colorado, Missouri and Florida. A Design Ovation Award was presented to the firm and they have appeared in numerous design publications..
Zumwalt’s style is one of simple sophistication and most importantly, comfort. “I want my clients to feel comfortable in every room of their home, achieving this by using appropriate fabrics and finishes depending on the client’s lifestyle. Whether they have children, parents living with them or pets, plays a major role in the selection process”. Over her 20-year career Robyn has been privileged to work on many projects, both residential and commercial, from the foundation up. Her ability to work directly with the architect and builder gives an immense advantage to the client, allowing them to create rooms that are most functional and comfortable for their family.

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